“If you are already an Archer, it is hoped the perusal of the following pages may assist your onward progress in the noble Art – if one of those benighted beings who knows it not, then that it may at least induce you to commence its study; having done so, there is little fear of your ever abandoning the pursuit.” – Horace A Ford, 1856

As a coach I would love to spend time with each archer, planning and reviewing sessions, discussing what is going well and where people are struggling.  Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day and there are even less hours down the range.

Welcome to Dolphin Archery!  To help make the most of the range time that we do have I have set up this site to help archers communicate, with me as a coach as well as with each other.  There are places where you can record your training and thoughts in a blog, discuss all things archery on the forum and look things up or even contribute to the wiki.  There are new features coming all the time and all to help you achieve your archery goals.

You may not find every part of this site helpful, different parts will be useful to different people, and you may find that the sections of the site that you use change as you progress.  Some of the sections of this site will thrive and develop while others may be closed down through lack of use, since I have put this site together from scratch it is infinitely configurable (even if I don’t know how to configure it) so if you have any suggestions on how to make your experience better then please let me know.