Back Posture Training

I have recently been trying to improve my posture whilst shooting but I have had a hard time figuring out if I am doing it properly. Practising with a clini band i front of a mirror is okay but I cant currently get my bow in front of a mirror so it can be hard to tell if I am correctly replicating what I need to do.

At a recent training session I tried an idea my boyfriend came up with. The idea was to get a black shirt and sew a white stripe down the back. This could then be monitored during my shot in the style described in Training Alone.

I initially did this indoors at 20yrds with my club. I had to set the camera quite a way behind me so that it would pick up all of my back which meant that it took up more space than usual.

I had to ensure that the stripe was lined up properly down the centre of my back before my shot started to ensure it actually showed what my back was doing. Whenever I walked around or bent over too much it had the tendency of moving. I thought that pinning the bottom of the shirt to my trousers might help with problem.

It showed whether my hips were directly under my shoulders and could also be used to see if my shoulders were in line with the rest of my body. This didn’t cover all of the problems that I wanted to check with my shot but it did help.

It would be interesting to see what it looks like when practising at long distances, it might be a good method to tell if I am shooting long distances properly.

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