Training Alone

One of the problems that I have encountered is that I often train alone, this means that I have a hard time knowing whether or not the technique that I am practising is any good or whether I am just reinforcing bad habits. This has led to me purchasing a tablet (and a tough case with screen protector for it) and tripod tablet mount. This means that I can mount the tablet on the tripod in front of me and use a video delay app in order to shoot and then watch what happens afterwards. Some of these apps also let you save the footage which you can then open later with any software that lets you go through frame by frame. Whilst my tablet doesn’t give high frame-rate footage it can be useful to see what I am doing.

In particular I initially started using it to monitor my hand during my loose, whilst I could use it to see whether my hand was coming away from my face during my loose or where my anchor point is.  The main downside of this setup is that I can only monitor what I are doing in front of I as the tablet has to be placed where I can see it and still video myself.

Then I discovered that there are apps that will let you link a phone or camera to the tablet. This means that I can record with the phone camera and show it on the tablet screen. This has the benefit that I can film any part of my shot (that doesn’t put the camera in front of the arrow) and see it on the tablet. Also the camera on my phone is higher quality than my table which is a definite benefit. The main downside to this is that it can take up a lot of space on the shooting line, with a tablet positioned in front of me and a phone behind me. This means that on smaller ranges with limited shooting time and space  I have to be careful to not annoy my fellow archers by sanitising a large section of the shooting line.

You can also set the tablet up so that you can watch yourself at different angles whilst at full draw rather than after, though I only tend to use this with clini-bands or a low poundage bow.

I also use this method to record my shooting so that I can show it to a coach when they see me and get their opinion on my shooting and ways to improve.

The apps that I currently use are:

  • Video Coach – Delay Mirror by Apply Hand (on my phone)
  • WifiCam HD for VideoCoach by Apply Hand (on my phone)

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