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Boost Archery sessions can be an excellent way to refine and develop your technique, learn or refresh your skills and drills and receive some helpful pointers on your technique.

You’ll receive a series of coaching sessions aimed at newer archers to develop specific skills and knowledge.

Session 1 – Introduction
This session will introduce goal setting and shot routines as well as taking video of technique. This will help you get a baseline of your current shooting.

Session 2 – Stance and Posture
This session will focus on stance and posture. Good stance and posture are a crucial foundation to the rest of the shot.

Session 3 – Set and setup
This session will focus on how you set up your shot. Most archers pay little attention to this phase of the shot but you can introduce a lot of variability early-on if you ignore this phase.

Session 4 – Rotation and alignment
This session will focus on ensuring your alignment is sorted. This is a key building block for having a good release and follow through.

Session 5 – Release and follow through
This session will focus on your release and follow through, this is one of the most important part fo the shots.

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14 Jan 19, 27 Apr 19


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